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Sunday, 26th March, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why can’t I do the online advising?
Students are not allowed to do the online advising due to the following reasons:-
• Outstanding financial obligations
• Drafting documents for male students
• Overdue Library books
• Pending admissions and registration procedures If the problem is resolved and you are denied access to online registration, visit the office of your academic advisor or send an e-mail to your assigned faculty.
2. How to overload a course?
This process is not done online you have to visit your academic advisor to add this course if entitled within the add and period.
3. How can I know the number of courses remaining to complete my graduation requirements?
• The number of courses remaining is shown in the information box while you are doing you’re online advising, you will also find the credit hours remaining.
• If you are a transfer student or changed your major you should pass by the Advising Center to know the accurate number of courses remaining.
• For any inquiry, contact your advisor.
4. There is a clash between pre-requisite courses I must take to open the courses of the next semester. What can I do?
You have to see or e-mail your academic advisor to check the graduation plan for you, either to solve it or find you other alternatives. 5. How can I know if my schedule has been modified?
You can check your schedule through the Student Portal.

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