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Sunday, 26th March, 2023


about clc Smart Village

College of Language and Communication (CLC) provides high quality academic education in language and communication studies at the undergraduate level on the premises of Smart Village, Giza, Egypt.
The multifaceted, interdisciplinary and modern approach to learning and pedagogy that makes CLC stand out in the academic arena, with a focus on theory and practice, effectively aligns with current and emerging global challenges as well as highly competitive job market needs.
Our faculty is comprised of experts in and outside the academic field to paint a full picture of the college, applying its vision and mission, setting a path to enhance the college’s image nationally as well as internationally, thus making it, its students and its alumni more competitive on a global scale.
Our distinguished professors come from various academic and professional backgrounds; each bringing their own set of experiences to the classroom.

Mission and Vision

The Mission of the college program is to provide students with the skills and foundational knowledge needed to flourish as media leaders .Our college mission to create a dynamic learning and working environment which nurtures new ideas,

Introductory Video

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Affiliation with international universities and institutions would endow our students with the needed skills to excel in both fields of translation and media.

CLC Promise

CLC Department

We promise to introduce all the best to our students so as to live the academic life embellished with the latest trends .