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Friday, 02nd December, 2022

Media Department

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CodeTitlePrerequisitesCourse Material
COM230 Introduction to News Reporting COM130 N/A
COM231 Principles of Design NoneN/A
COM232 Public Opinion COM130N/A
COM233 Introduction to Advertising NoneN/A
COM234 Integrated Marketing Communication NoneN/A
HUM220 Modern Arab History NoneN/A
HUM221 Music NoneN/A
HUM222 Applied Arts NoneN/A

CodeTitlePrerequisitesCourse Material
COM235 Communication Theories NoneN/A
COM236 Introduction to Digital Media NoneN/A
COM237 Writing and Editing for Media Material LAN112N/A
COM238 Intercultural Communication NoneN/A
COM239 Photography NoneN/A
HUM223 Geopolitics NoneN/A
HUM224 Contemporary Arabic Literature LAN114N/A
HUM225 Cinema and Fiction NoneN/A

CodeTitlePrerequisitesCourse Material
ELCP356 Practical Criticism noneN/A
ELCR355 Research Methods noneN/A
ELCT357 Radio & TV (Training) noneN/A
LCA352 Arabic Language3* Core N/A
LCC351 Intercultural Communication LCL231N/A
LCM353 Production of Media Materials LCRV244N/A
LCO354 Oral Proficiency noneN/A

CodeTitlePrerequisitesCourse Material
ELCN365 The New Media ElectiveN/A
LCD473 Introduction to Documentary (Media) Core N/A
LCL364 Second Language 3* LCL243N/A
LCW361 Communication Technology noneN/A
LCW363 Writing for Media LCR115N/A

CodeTitlePrerequisitesCourse Material
ELCA477 American Literature noneN/A
ELCE356 Media Economics ElectiveN/A
ELCF476 Photography ElectiveN/A
LCA471 Advertising LCP242 N/A
LCA474 Arabic Editing Skills Core N/A
LCMW473 Multimedia and Web-Designing ELCN365N/A
LCRV472 Radio & TV Broadcasting LCRV244N/A

CodeTitlePrerequisitesCourse Material
ELCD486 Directing noneN/A
ELCM487 Media Ethics ElectiveN/A
ELCR485 Visual Reporting noneN/A
LCI484 Media & Information Literacy- MIL noneN/A
LCL481 Second Language 4 * Core N/A
LCP482 Graduation Project noneN/A
LCSW483 Script Writing ElectiveN/A