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Nowadays, we witness an uprising in the Egypt’s energy sector. As Egypt has recently achieved gas self-sufficiency, resuming exports utilizing surplus gas. Also aiming at achieving its full petroleum potential by 2021, hence transforming the country into a regional hub for oil and gas. Accordingly , AAST has realized the importance of preparing well educated graduates in the field of Energy & Petroleum Logistics activities whom would be ready to afford that expanding in the petroleum and Gas Logistics Management market needs.


  • Holder of the High School (Thanawiya Amma) certificate or any equivalent certificate with a minimum score 60%.
  • Sitting for the English Placement Test is a must
  • Sitting for interview with the College dean, vice dean of education, and the head of the department.


LSC Students will study “in English” 48 courses each of 3 credit hours, during 8 semesters.
Divided into 28 core courses, 14 main major courses, 4 minor major courses, and two elective courses. Plus, regular scheduled sets of field trips, scientific seminars, practical national & international training opportunities, obligatory internship as a graduation requirement.

Job & Career Opportunities


Due to receiving knowledge regarding Supply Chain Management, Logistics of International Trade and Transport Logistics Management, graduates will be able to work in various fields, not merely in oil and gas companies:

  • Oil and Gas Procurement/Purchasing Manager in Ports or Oil and Gas Companies
  • Logistics of oil and gas specialist
  • Logistics consultant
  • Operations Manager (works in oil and gas fields)
  • Import/Export specialist
  • Logistics coordinator
  • Logistics operations manager
  • Operations manager in the Oil refining industry