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Multimedia And Graphics Overview

The technologies of multimedia and computer graphics have pervaded most of the activities of business, communication and education. Consequently, the need for skilled and highly trained workforce is of vital importance. This requirement leads to the introduction of Bachelor of Science in Multimedia and computer game.This program aims to produce graduates with a balanced mix of technical and artistic skills required for careers within the visual effects, computer animation, computer games and multimedia production industries. It is designed with emphasis on practical work including the use of industry standard software for creating multimedia products and computer games.The Computer Games Industry is an exciting field, currently outselling the film industry worldwide, this is accomplished as game programming combines cutting edge graphics, effects, the latest hardware, and artistic constraints which requires the developer to have strong programming skills with various tools and programming environments. The process of computer Game development itself is innovative and exciting from a technological and creative perspective, providing career opportunities for imaginative, logical and energetic students. Graduates will have the satisfaction of seeing their work being enjoyed by a global audience. Students will be taught Computer Science with special emphasis on topics relevant to Game Design such as computer graphics, artificial intelligence, digital video, and audio fundamentals. Digital multimedia enhances conveying information for users and helps users share their content in an interactive and efficient way. Multimedia is used in entertainment, advertisements, art, engineering fields, medicine, education, industry, business, and scientific research. Graduates can be expected to become specialists with future-focused education and skills. They will also find a strong job market and exciting opportunities for professional development. The program will give the graduates a strong completive edge and professional quality experiences needed for their success in this exciting filed. Possible careers with this degree include: Video game designer, Web designer, Engine programmer, Special effects programmer, Multiplayer networking specialist, Video game programmer, Computer software programmer, Artificial intelligence programmer, and Audio engineer.

A list of courses is available  here and the detailed content of each course will be posted soon.

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