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Information Systems Overview

Information systems specialists focus on integrating information technology solutions and business processes to meet the information needs of businesses and other enterprises, enabling them to achieve their objectives in an effective, efficient way. This discipline’s perspective on information technology emphasizes information, and views technology as an instrument for generating, processing, and distributing information. Professionals in the discipline are primarily concerned with the information that computer systems can provide to aid an enterprise in defining and achieving its goals, and the processes that an enterprise can implement or improve using information technology. They must understand both technical and organizational factors, and they must be able to help an organization determine how information and technology-enabled business processes can provide a competitive advantage.

The information systems specialist plays a key role in determining the requirements for an organization’s information systems and is active in their specification, design, and implementation. As a result, such professionals require a sound understanding of organizational principles and practices so that they can serve as an effective bridge between the technical and management communities within an organization, enabling them to work in harmony to ensure that the organization has the information and the systems it needs to support its operations. Information systems professionals are also involved in designing technology-based organizational communication and collaboration systems.

All IS degrees combine business and computing coursework. A variety of IS programs exist under various labels which often reflect the nature of the program. For example, programs in Computer Information Systems usually have the strongest technology focus, while programs in Management Information Systems emphasize the organizational and behavioural aspects of IS.
Information Systems Program Description ( NAQAAE Form 13)

  Information Systems Program ILO Matrix (NAQAAE Form 11B)

Course Descriptions

Course CodeCourse NameDescriptionWeek-by-week Content
IS465Data Mining Form 12
IS371E-Business Fundamentals Form 12 Form 11a
IS171 Introduction to Information Systems Form 12 Form 11a
IS391 System analysis and design Form 12 Form 11a
IS433 Mobile Computing Applications Form 12 Form 11a
IS471 Strategic Planning For Information Systems Form 12 Form 11a
IS 477 Geographic Information System Form 12 Form 11a
IS479Digital Libraries Form 12 Form 11a
IS476Multimedia Information System Form 12
IS273Database systems Form 11a
IS474Advanced Database Form 12
IS463Knowledge Management Form 12
IS478Integrated Information System Form 12 Form 11
IS372Information System Theory and Practice Form 12 Form 11a
IS461Decision Support Systems Form 12 Form 11a
IS472e-learning Form 12 Form 11a

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