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Graduation Requirements

I- Requirements of Awarding Master's Degree:  

  • The duration of study for Master's degree is two calendar years at least and five calendar years at most.
  • The student will successfully complete eight postgraduate courses. i.e., 24 credit hours, with cumulative grade point average of not less than 3.00 at least provided the number of the courses in which he gets "good" grade does not exceed two courses.
  • The student will successfully complete the requirements of preparing Master's thesis (12credit hours).
  • The student will fail in a course if his grade in this course is less than "Good or C", or if his absenteeism percentage exceeds 20% without an acceptable excuse.
  • The student will be allowed to re-sit only once for the examinations of the courses he failed in and will get "Good" grade if he succeeds in the second trial even if the grade he got in the second trial was higher.

II- Awarding M.Sc. Degree:

The degree of Master in Science will be awarded with both Educational Department indicated and the title of the thesis.

III- Time Limits:

      Candidate in the master's program is allowed a maximum of five calendar years to complete all degree requirements, from the date of first registration as a degree candidate in prerequisite or graduate courses.
Candidates who do not complete degree requirements within the allowed time will have their degree candidate status terminated.

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