Central Administration for Secured Certificates and Documents.

The Central Administration for Certificates and Secured Documents is affiliated to Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport Presidency Sector. The Central Administration responsibilities is issuing, verifying and certifying the authenticity and the legality of all official and educational documents for all branches.

Request for issuing copies of graduate’s certificates and transcripts:

Please fill the following request form to facilitate online request for issuing copies of graduate’s certificates or secured documents within all branches.
Read the steps concerning issuance process:

  • Fill the request form correctly with your data to proceed the request successfully.
  • Send a copy of your National ID or Passport No. with a copy of your certificate (if applicable) to certificates@aast.edu or by WhatsApp 01060023978.
  • An email will be sent to the applicant attached to it (Pay slip Number-Registration Number) to complete E-Payment process at www.aast.edu.
  • There is another option for payment through all QNB branches this service applies to all branches of the Arab Academy for Science and Technology
  • A payment confirmation must be sent to certificates@aast.edu to complete issuance process.
  • Delivering printed copies:
    • If you are resident at Alexandria, Copies are delivered by the graduate from Central Administration for Secured Certificates and documents office at main campus Abukir.
    • For candidates at other cities, copies will be sent by shipping company to your mentioned address.
  • A pdf file will be sent to your email.

E-Badge     Certificates & Transcripts

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Contact US:

Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport Main Campus- AbuKir, Toson Registration and Admission Building, 2nd floor.
Tel: +2-035619298
WhatsApp: +2-01060023978

Electronic Badge- (e-badge):

It is a digital badge that provides a digital credential for the degree earned successfully by the student.

  • Recognize student’s achievements.
  • E-badges are turned into a source of referrals.
  • On-click sharing to social media and professional networking sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.
  • It is designed to help increase employability.

How to earn your e-badge:
  • It is applied for graduate students only.
  • Send an email to Central Administration for Secured Certificates and Documents Certificates@aast.edu Include the following:
    • At subject text box : Request E-badge
    • Write your personal details (Full Name, National ID Number, Department Name, Branch Name, Degree earned, and Student registration number).
    • Attach ID National Number, copy of your degree certificate or transcript.
  • You will receive an email notification attached with you earned badge.
  • You can attach your e-badge to any social platform as LinkedIn or online resume.