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Over the past two decades, digital transformation has become an essential tool in the business sector which foretells a significant leap in the patterns of business, industries and supply chains as well as a potential change in the world trade map.

Considering that about 90% of the world trade volume is currently transported across seas and oceans, it is essential that ports, logistics and maritime transport industry be ready to meet and cope with the challenges expected from such digital transformation to keep its share of the world trade. In addition, digitalization of the maritime industry provides new opportunities to enhance the efficiency, productivity, and sustainability of logistics.

The concept of smart ports, aims to adopt digital technologies to enable better planning and management of activities and resources in ports and share real-time information concerning the supply chain. Digital technologies like big data, Internet of things, and block chain have recently been entered and used in supply chain management.

Digital technologies enable companies and authorities to create opportunities for transparency, efficiency and collaboration which hold great potential for all the parties involved in this industry.

The current and previous events and crises that the world is going through, such as Covid-19 epidemic, proved the need to maximize the benefits of digital transformation in the maritime transport and logistics industry as an optimum solution to reduce the consequences of such crises


The conference aims to discuss the horizons of digitalization in ports, logistics and maritime industry through the following topics:
Digital Transformation in Ports: Challenges & Opportunities.
Smart Logistics and Supply Chain Management.
Innovative Artificial Intelligence & Robotics technologies for port operation.
Digital Ecosystems for smart ports.
Cybersecurity Risk management and assessment.
The Role of digitalization of ports in reducing Covid19 consequences.
Modern trends for enhancing human resources capabilities in maritime industry within digital transformation.


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