Maritime Research & Consultation Center


MRCC successfully set the different development plans and programs in consideration with the international trends to support the national development strategies, enhancing logistic activities, focusing on different aspects of sustainable development in the maritime transport, as well as turning our seaports to proudly be "Green Ports" ,enjoying an environmental friendly business framework till they finally reach to the new generation in ports - "SMART PORTS", whether in Egypt or in the Arab region as well.

Major achievements of MRCC: 

• MRCC is the accredited consultant of the General Authority for Port-Said Ports for all projects and development operations in East Port-Said.

• Supervising the implementation of the first global hub port in Egypt – East Port –Said Port.

• Preparation of a comprehensive integrated study for the development of Egyptian Ports.

• Design, Develop and Operate the Egyptian Maritime Databank which is the first specialized databank for maritime transport in the middle East, Africa, and the Arab World.

• Partnering with Port Training Institute (PTI) and the Sudan Sea Port Corporation (SPC) to establish the regional consultancy and training center in Port Sudan Port – Democratic Republic of Sudan.

•  Partnering with Port Training Institute (PTI) to establish the Port Academy for Technical and Maritime Studies in Dammam – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

• Port Said East Port Construction – Design and Tendering of the Quay Wall & Maritime Operations construction – BOT Tender for Container Terminal Operation – Supervising the Construction.

• Supervision of Port Said east port infrastructure (phase one).

• A Feasibility Study & Design for The Entrance Side Channel at Port Said East Port.

• Design and Tendering of the Quay Wall & Maritime operations construction of Port North Al-Sukhna.

• Design and Tendering of Nuwaiba Port.

• Consultancy Works for Establishment of a Specialized Port for Holding Company for Carbon (CHC).

• A Study of The Evaluation and Developments of The Saudi Ports of Jubail Commercial Port, Yanbu Commercial Port, Jizan and Dhaba Ports.

• Restructuring of Technical Workshops of Coastal Guards – Saudi Arabia.

• A Feasibility Study & Design Trailers & Vehicles Parking  Area at Port Said East Port.

• Port Said East Port Construction – Design and Tendering of the Quay Wall & Marine Works Construction – BOT Tender for Container Terminal Operation – Supervising the Construction.

 • The Study of Re- planning and Development of Alexandria Container Terminal.

• The Study of Re- planning and Development of Port Said Container Terminal.

• New multi-purpose terminal berths 62-55 in Alexandria Port.

• Establishment, managing, operating and maintenance for Container terminal CT3 in Berth 100 in Dekhila port (BOT).

• Restructuring of Egyptian Ports.

• The Demand on Transport in “Tushki” Development Project.

• The Study of Networks and Facilities for Internal, Regional and Global Transport to serve The World Economic Center of The Suez Canal Region.

• A Study of Establishing Logistics centers and Dry Ports to Serve Inland Trade and Transportation System in A.R.E.

• Feasibility Study for the Establishment of a Container Terminal in the Port of East Port Said.

• Transport Role in Supporting Foreign Trade between Egypt and African Countries (COMESA).

• Development of Egyptian Ports Hinterland.

• A Feasibility Study for the Establishment of Port Said East Port.

• Establishing and operating an Egyptian Maritime Transport Data Bank.

• Studying the application of the single window system in the Sudanese seaports.

• Establishing an integrated information System in Sudan ports.

•  Application of electronic purchases and warehouses management system for General Authority of Egyptian Railways.

•  Implementing an integrated information system for the Maritime Safety Authority.

• Preventive maintenance planned system for Port Said Container Handling Company.

• Railway train simulator project.

Regional Leading Achievements:

  • Democratic Republic of Sudan:
    The center had conducted under the framework of the signed cooperation agreement between the research and consultation center and the Sudan Sea Port Corporation (SPC), many studies, projects and workshops in the fields of management and economics of port operations and related IT supporting systems.
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:
    The research and consultation center had conducted many studies and consultancy services to develop some of the Saudi sea ports on the Red Sea (Yanbu commercial port – Jizan port) and also those on the Arabia Gulf (Jubail –Dhiba). In addition the center had assessed the competitive position of the ed ports aiming at enhancing their performance according to the international standards. 


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