Maritime Research & Consultation Center

list of mardcon confernces

Conference Serial Title Year
Mardocn (1)Maritime Transport in Developing Countries Problems Encountered1989
Mardocn (2)Maritime Transport in Developing Countries1991
Mardocn (3)Evolution of Maritime Transport in Developing Countries1993
Mardocn (4)Modern Changes in Shipping Industry and Their Impacts on Developing Countries1995
Mardocn (5)Future Trends in Shipping Industry1997
Mardocn (6)Globalization of the Shipping Industry: it’s Impact on Developing Countries1999
Mardocn (7)Developing Countries & the Opportunities in Modern Shipping2001
Mardocn (8)Effective Marketing & Its Role in Developing Maritime Transport2003
Mardocn (9)Towards a Cleaner and Safer Maritime Context2005
Mardocn (10)Container Transport: Future Ahead2007
Mardocn (11)The Impact of Recent Challenges on the Maritime Industry2009



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