Maritime Research & Consultation Center

Railway Train Simulator Project

client: National Railways Authority 
Implementation Date:  1991
Project Description:

Design and construction of simulators for railways driving. The National Railways Authority has about 6,000 drivers. where the current system depends on training the driver in practice for up to 15 years before being appointed as a train driver. The Authority has decided to use modern methods of training which rely on simulation.
The Authority identified the required specifications and they were added in a global tender for supply.

MRCC offers  a proposal for designing, manufacturing and supplying according to the technical specifications and with a lower value than the American supply by 50%. MRCC has designed and implemented machine room simulators for ships and oil tankers.
- The simulator is fully designed and the cab number (1) is supplied for the simulator representing the GM train and the No. 2 cab representing the Henschel train. Thus, the entire project was implemented without delay.
- The design of railway simulators is a powerful addition to MRRC because of our use of very advanced technologies in the field of computer, automatic control and multimedia, so we have a great precedent in these areas as a result of the design and construction of three large simulators.

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