Maritime Research & Consultation Center

Integrated Information System for Alexandria Shipping Agencies

Client: Alexandria Shipping Agencies Co.
Implementation Date:  1990
Project Description:

Use of information systems in the execution of all financial, commercial and administrative work in shipping agencies (Abu Simbel / Amoun / Taiba / Memphis)


The information system consists of the following subsystems which were implemented using Informix database:
• Financial system: includes the system of financial accounts - Navigational accounts  Audit System and Treasury - System of Follow-up and Criticism.
• Commercial system: includes the system of incoming and invoicing - issuance of invoices and policies - the navigation system - the claims system.
• Administrative system: includes the system of personnel and personnel affairs - the system of wages and benefits - the insurance system.

List Of Projects

1.  Establishing and operating an Egyptian Maritime Transport Data Bank.  

2.  Studying the application of the single window system in the Sudan seaports.  

3.  Establishing an integrated information System in Sudan ports.  

4.  Development and design of the information system in Egyptian Company for Supplies.  

5.  Application of electronic purchases and warehouses management system for General Authority of Egyptian Railways.  

6.  Exchange of data electronically.  

7.  Implementing an integrated information system for the Maritime Safety Authority  

8.  Integrated shipping information system 

9.  Integrated Information System for Alexandria Shipping Agencies 

10.  Preventive maintenance planned system for Port Said Container Handling Company 

11.  Railway train simulator project



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