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Application of Electronic Purchases and Warehouses Management System for General Authority of Egyptian Railways

Client: General Authority of Egyptian Railways
Implementation Date: 2008
Project Description:
This offer includes the implementation of integrated information systems for procurement and warehouses at the General Authority of Railways in Egypt to benefit from the huge development in database technology and create an applications and extract a reports, using statistics and graphs to provide information quickly and accurately. The project also includes a system for keeping documents electronically, which in turn provide an access to these documents through a search engine and a flexible system with multiple retrieval methods of documents according to different search criteria.

• Establishing two procurement and storage systems for the General Authority of Egypt Railways.
• Unification of models, especially the procurement system (purchase orders) to comply with the law of 89 for the year 1998 which organizes tenders and auctions of all kinds.
• Establishing a structural coding system for purchase orders, in order to determine and follow up the procurement procedures according to the type of tender or bid.
• Automating all documents from the moment of submission of the purchase order to the end of the purchasing process through the WFMS, which depends on the type of purchase.
• Using of unified government coding system for storing items, including codes of raw materials and locally manufactured materials in workshops (about 67 thousand class).
• Establishing a subsystem for suppliers' records, including all administrative, financial and technical data related to supplied items, specifying the quality's volume.
• Connecting the warehouse system to the main stores (about 40 stores).
• Implementation systems in both Arabic and English (databases) including interface in terms of use of screens and bilingual reports.
• Creating a Report Generator.
• Creating a Master Category file that includes the write-off number, the OEM number, the manufacture number and the replacement number (for a similar category from the same factory - a replacement category for the same factory - lumped parts - single pieces) or the alternative number for another plant, for the supply of equipment and maintenance parts as well as the identification of replacement parts that are supplied in place of damaged parts, in addition to spare parts used extracted from working equipment.
• Establishing a tracking system for the prices of previously supplied pieces or the bids submitted for the same piece at the exchange rate on the time of purchase, and the Average Paying Cost principle is applied.

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