Maritime Research & Consultation Center

Studying the application of the single window system in the Sudan Seaports

Client: Sea Ports Corporation - Sudan
Date:    15/01/2012
Project Description:

The system aims to integrate the work cycle, which involves a number of clients in the Sudanese ports, which leads to increase the accuracy and speed of procedures and processes, which in turn lead to the efficiency of port performance as follows:
      1- Standardization of data through the port community.
      2- Transferring data in an easy and fast manner for all parties at the same time.
      3- Reducing the time required to exit the goods after the completion of the procedures.
      4- Reduce the number of documents exchanged between port community entities.
      5- Do not duplicate the same data in more than one way with the port community.
      6- Ability to immediately query data from any party according to their respective mandates.


The following works were carried out at the stage  of analytical and design:

• Conducting field visits to all clients with Sudanese Ports.
• Study the work cycle and documents exchanged between the parties.
• Design the appropriate technical solution for the application of the single window system.
• Examining the demands of implementing the system in terms of civil works, devices, equipment and networks.
• Developing the technical specifications for equipment, and networks for the system
• Preparing of an analytical and design study of the system to include:
   - Description of work sessions for single window system in Sudan Ports.
      - Characterization of messages exchanged between clients in Sudan Ports.
   - Description of the required modifications of the systems currently implemented by the customers in the Sudan Ports.
    - Characterization of processes related to user authority.
    - Review the estimated cost of implementing the one-window system in the Sudanese ports.
     - Develop a proposal for the executive plan for the implementation of the one-window system in the Sudanese ports.


List Of Projects

1.  Establishing and operating an Egyptian Maritime Transport Data Bank.  

2.  Studying the application of the single window system in the Sudan seaports.  

3.  Establishing an integrated information System in Sudan ports.  

4.  Development and design of the information system in Egyptian Company for Supplies.  

5.  Application of electronic purchases and warehouses management system for General Authority of Egyptian Railways.  

6.  Exchange of data electronically.  

7.  Implementing an integrated information system for the Maritime Safety Authority  

8.  Integrated shipping information system 

9.  Integrated Information System for Alexandria Shipping Agencies 

10.  Preventive maintenance planned system for Port Said Container Handling Company 

11.  Railway train simulator project



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