Maritime Research & Consultation Center

Feasibility study for establishing Navigational Services Company

Client: General Authority for River Transport
This study aims to study the feasibility of establishing Navigational Services Company


• The study was conducted in accordance with timetable in addition to using experts in the field of river transport, organization, management, investment and law. The study reached several important results such as determining the percentage of participation of river transport in goods transportation , limiting all navigational obstacles and the work of the navigational guide.
• The establishment of navigational services company aims to carry out dredging works in cooperation with private sector. The Authority participates by 20% of the new company's capital, and this 20% in the form of equipment that are owned by the Authority.

List Of Projects

1.  Determine the most appropriate ways to introduce a license to operate river taxi in Cairo Governorate and prepare a Terms of Reference for the bid.  

2.  Feasibility study for establishing Navigational services company. 



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