College of International Transport and Logistics:

College of International Transport and Logistics College, specializing in the study of science International Transport and managing the logistics of production and services, which is the only college in the Middle East that this study will provide the certificate approved by the Supreme Council of Universities and taught by professors specialize in this field obtaining the highest certification from major universities in addition to the uniqueness of the college work trips and scientific research process to communicate with companies operating in the field of international Transport and Logistics also held academic cooperation agreements with a number of international universities to grant bachelor''s degree from which students can attend the final year of this university. The College of International Transport and logistics agreement with the companies and organizations working in Port Said and Cairo and the related field of study at the college to provide summer training for college students have already been training students in the following companies: -

  • Egypt Air Cairo.
  • Company KAPCI coatings in Port Said.
  • Braids factory in Port Said (SE Wiring Systems Egypt).
  • Port Said Company for Container and goods in west of Port Said.
  • The Suez Canal Authority in Port Said.

The college offers diploma accredited by an international professional organization Alviata global organization which is specialized in international transport and shipping and Diploma graduates progress to different colleges and those who work in the field of international transportation and logistics for the development of work skills Navigational.

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