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Assistant Lecturer

Susana Maria F. Bailarim

Senior TA





Master - Universidade do Minho - Portugal -

Master Roman Archaeology


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Professional Experience

  • Teacher in the Archaeological Professional School (EPA),
    Teacher of the following subjects Course for Archaeologist Assistant: • Archaeology, Theory and Methods • Archaeology Field Practices • How to write a scientific project? b) Course for Heritage Management and Heritage Divulgation: • Ethnography and Portuguese Heritage • World Heritage and International Organisations • Educational Services in Museums and Sites • Local History • Responsible and supervisor on Archaeological Field Practices • Scientific Adviser of Professional Final Projects on Technical Management and Heritage Divulgation and also Archaeology Assistants, Level III, Archaeology Professional School (Portugal) from 2000 to July 2009.
  • Fieldwork Archaeology teacher
    Excavations carried out in practical context by students from the school and all excavations made by the Office of the Archaeological area of the Roman city of Tongobriga (Portugal), from September 2002 until September 2006
  • Teacher in the First International Training Course in Egyptology
    Preparing experts in Egyptology and new technologies applied to Archaeology (Innovative Projects in the Field Education 2010 International Caloust Gulbenkian Foundation) to participate in the Apriés Project - Memphis (Egypt), with the subject: "Archaeological sites dated from the Middle Empire ", in FCSH - UNL, from June 20th to 24th 2011.
  • Experience as Archaeologist (Portugal)
    Scientific responsible for several excavation works, archaeological follow-ups and study of different kind of archaeological artifacts and special finds in Portugal (from north to south) and experience in coordination. (2017– 2000)
  • Archaeologist at the Heritage Division Department as Senior Archaeologist
    Senior Archaeologist/Local Heritage Manager Advisor at the Heritage Division Department
  • Roman Site of Tongobriga- DRCN, Field Assistant-Director/ Researcher
    Scientific responsible for the fieldwork carried out by the Professional School of Archaeology students, also the for all the after field work works of the Archaeological site of the Roman city of Tongobriga (Freixo - Marco de Canaveses).
  • National Museum of Archaeology/ Senior Archaeologist Researcher
    Responsible for the study, cataloguing and organization of the Roman mosaics deposit store at the National Museum of Archaeology (Lisbon).
  • Practical internship in the area of Conservation and Restoration at the Laboratory of the Monographic Museum of Conímbriga (Portugal)
    Practical internship in the area of conservation and restoration of archaeological remains. Report attached to the degree thesis
  • Objects Catalogue of the future Casa-Museu Vieira da Natividade Alcobaça - Cultural Heritage, Portugal
    Catalogue work of all the material belonging to the future Casa-Museu Vieira da Natividade, as Assistant Archaeologist, under the guidance of Dr. Isabel Costeira (Superior Technician at DGC-Lisbon and Professor of Heritage Legislation.
  • Volunteer/Field Archaeologist for the Swedish Archaeological mission at Gebel el Silsila
    Joined the Swedish Archaeological Mission, as field Archaeologist). Responsible for the archaeological work in the area of Gebel el Silsila (East and West Bank), led by Dr. Maria Nilsson (Lund University- Sweden) and under the auspices of General Directors Mr. Dr. Nasr Salama (General Director of the Egyptian Antiquities) and Chef Director of Kom Ombo and Aswan Antiquities, Dr. Abd el Moenum (January 2016 to March 2017).
  • Archaeological Project Apriés Palace (Kom Tuman) Memphis
    effective member of the team from 2004 to October 2011. Excavation work, study, inventory and drawing of the archaeological remains and artefacts of the different archaeological campaigns


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