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Khaled Mohamed Said El Kelany

Industry Service Complex Dean


Khaled S. El-Kilany is a professor of industrial engineering at the department of Industrial and Management Engineering (IME). He has previously held the position of interim chairman of the department for two years (February 2005 – February 2007) and is currently the department chairman since February 2008. Prof. El-Kilany has over ten years of experience in the academic field of Industrial Engineering since graduation in 1997 including five years of experience in the design and development of undergraduate and postgraduate curricula. Additionally, Prof. El-Kilany was the key implementer of the quality assurance system for the core education process within the department. Prof. El-Kilany has received his Ph.D. in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering from Dublin City University, Ireland where his research work included modeling and simulation of automated material handling system of Intel’s wafer fabrication facility Fab24, which was the second wafer fabrication facility in the world that produces 300mm wafers. His research interest lies in the analysis and improvement of manufacturing systems performance using discrete-event systems simulation and optimization techniques. He has supervised over 10 Masters Research students to completion and is supervising a number of PhD Research students in Ireland and the U.K. Currently, his areas of research application include supply chain management, production planning and scheduling, optimization using simulation, development of component based simulation models, lean manufacturing, and process design.



Doctorate - dublin city university/shool of mech mfg eng -

phd industrial engineering


Master - Department of Production Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University. -

MSc Industrial Engineering


Bachelor - Department of Production Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University. -

BSc Production Engineering


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1900 - 1900

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Dublin, Ireland

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IM521E - Discrete Event System Simulation

2011 Fall Semester View All Content
- Lectures Notes

IM423 - Operations Research

2011 Fall Semester View All Content
- Lectures Notes

IM432 - Operations Management

2011 Fall Semester View All Content


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