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Ola Elaraby Hassan Abdelaziz

Assistant Professor in Engineering Mathematics


She is an assistant professor in the field of Engineering Mathematics with electrical engineering background. She was graduated in 2007 from faculty of engineering, electrical engineering department, (communication major), Alexandria university. Her master degree was in the field of mobile communication on 2013 and the Ph.D. degree was in the fields of the applied engineering mathematics on 2019. Both post graduate degrees were obtained from faculty of engineering, Alexandria university. She used to work in many well recognized universities, currently she is working at Arab Academy for Science and Technology-Smart village campus. Also, she has a well record in the field of research and publications in top ranked journals.



Doctorate - Faculty of Engineering - Alexandria University -

PhD Engineering Mathematics


Master - Faculty of Engineering - Alexandria University -

MSc Mobile Communication


Bachelor - Faculty of Engineering - Alexandria University -

BSc Electrical and Communication


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Teaching Courses

Course Academic year Term

BA223 - Mathematics III

2021 Fall Semester View All Content

STA211E - Descriptive Statistics

2021 Fall Semester View All Content

BA323 - Mathematics 5

2021 Fall Semester View All Content


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Branch : AASTMT Smart Village Branch, Smart Village, Egypt

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Location : Smart Village AAST A408