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Associate Dean - College of Engineering & Technology


Nancy M. Abdel-Moneim is a distinguished academic and urban designer with a long history of dedication to enhancing urban environments and heritage preservation. As an Associate Professor and Associate Dean at the Arab Academy for Science, Technology, and Maritime Transport in Egypt, her work spans architectural engineering, urban design, and the integration of cultural heritage into contemporary urban development. Abdel-Moneim earned her Ph.D. in architectural engineering from Cairo University, focusing on enhancing the quality of life for dwellers in unsafe areas through integrated resettlement systems. Her scholarly pursuits further extended into economics and the administration of cultural heritage, where she compared local development and cultural heritage management between Versailles and Venaria Reale for her Master's thesis at the Università degli Studi di Catania in Italy. Her academic career is complemented by robust research interests in urban education, intelligent applications in urbanism, urban psychology and mental health, and community development, amongst others. Notably, Dr. Abdel-Moneim has played a pivotal role in pioneering projects and initiatives, such as directing the ARCHEO Living Lab, which aims to innovatively supply communities through heritage conservation and education. Her contributions to the field are documented through numerous publications, including books on urban regeneration and gender equity in urban contexts, peer-reviewed articles on urban mobility and quality of life, and insightful conference presentations on contemporary conservation methods and public space quality analysis. Abdel-Moneim’s professional endeavors extend beyond academia into hands-on urban designing and architectural projects aimed at community development and the participatory infrastructure development of informal areas, showcasing her commitment to practical and sustainable urban solutions. Recognized for her contributions to teaching and urban development, Dr. Abdel-Moneim is committed to fostering sustainable, inclusive, and compassionate urban environments. Her sincere commitment to fusing social equity, environmental sustainability, and cultural heritage into urban life is evident in her work, which shows how hard she works to advance her profession.



Doctorate - Cairo University/ Faculty of Engineering -

Doctor of Philosophy Architecture Department


Master - Catania University/ Scuola Superiore di Catania -

Master in Economics of Culture Heritage Architecture Department


Bachelor - Cairo University/ Faculty of Engineering -

Bachelor of Architectural Engineering Architecture Department


work experience

2018 - 2019

Urban Planner

2010 - 2014

Senior Architect

Technical Support & Capacity Building

2008 - 2009

Architect (Team Leader)

2006 - 2007


2005 - 2006


2005 - 2006

Part Time Architect

academic experience

2013 - 2014


Part Time, Assistant Lecturer

Department of Architecture and Environmental Design, AAST

2009 - 2011


Part Time, Assistant Lecturer

Architecture Department, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University.


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Professional Experience

  • Regional Association Studies
    Member of the Regional Studies Association which works with its international membership to facilitate the highest standards of theoretical development, empirical analysis and policy debate of issues at this sub-national scale, incorporating both the urban and rural and different conceptions of space such as city-regions and interstitial spaces.
  • Egyptian Engineering Syndicate

  • Urban Studies Journal
    A reviewer for the Urban Studies Journal- Sage Publications- a monthly peer-reviewed academic journal covering the field of urban studies.
  • Journal of Art, Design and Culture
    Member of the Editorial Advisors Journal of Art, Design and Culture, Published by PCA-AWKUM. This journal focuses on current issues and research in the fields of archaeology, cultural heritage management, museum and conservation studies in Pakistan and South Asia. It is published annually.
  • Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development Journal.
    Associate Editor, Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development Journal, Academy Publishing Center. The Journal is a biannual international peer-reviewed journal which presents a global forum for dissemination of research articles, case studies and reviews focusing on all aspects of renewable energy and its role in sustainable development. The journal aims to present to the international community important results of work in the fields of renewable energy and sustainable development research to help researchers, scientists, manufacturers, institutions, world agencies, societies to keep up with new developments in theory and applications. Experimental, computational and theoretical studies are all welcomed to RESD.


Teaching Courses

Course Academic year Term


Navigating COVID-19 related transitions and transformations of marginalised women entrepreneurs within the Greater Cairo Region in Egypt

Consulting Project
Start Date : 01 Sep 2019-01 Sep 2019
The rapid spread of COVID-19 disease has generated a global public health crisis, which is being addressed at various local and global scales through social distancing measures, business activity constraints and varying technological interventions across societies. These are impacting ways in which business is performed and transacted and are leading to a public discourse that the future shape of society may not be a resumption of pre-COVID-19 practices but rather may lead to long-lasting and discontinuous shifts. In the present research, we aim to focus on ways in which the occurring entrepreneurial transitions led by women contribute not only to growth and employment but also to the development of place-anchored communities that might be temporary permanent. In Greater Cairo, the majority of the inhabitants in the informal areas and settlements do not perceive COVID-19 as an impactful crisis, although there are is a dual phenomenon of a) informal workers who are affected strongly as well as b) informal workers who are not affected as much if their business is within their own area of living. Minorities and peripheral women, however, experiencing the highest degree of socio-economic marginalization become even more vulnerable in emergencies as the current ongoing COVID19 situation. This is due to factors such as their lack of access to various essential services, their unaffordability to stay at home the impossibility of working remotely due to lack of internet connectivity. Hence, they are bound to continue their ordinary practices increasing their risks and vulnerability.

Education Programme of Aga Khan Trust of Culture for teaching activities

Funded Project
Start Date : 01 Aug 2019-01 Aug 2019
Fund from the Education Programme of Aga Khan Trust of Culture for teaching activities, The department dedicated two courses to this collaboration that can be categorized under the Aga Khan Historic Cities Program (AKHCP). The first course was an undergrad core course titled “Introduction to Urban Design,” which will host around 25 students and the second is a postgrad elective course titled “Conservation of Architectural Heritage.” The department had chosen these two courses in an attempt to minimize the gap between academia and the practice in the field of urban revitalization. It was an excellent chance for both undergrad and postgrad students to test closely how the research be implemented on-site. Although, the chosen case studies have been funded by the AKTC under the AKHCP which gives a new perspective about the fund organizations and how their general guidelines are implemented, and especially when it comes to the communities’ revitalization physically, socially, culturally and economically like is the case with AKTC projects.

Gender Equity in Cities of the MENA Region

Funded Project
Start Date : 06 Nov 2018-06 Nov 2018
Awarded fund from the Urban Studies Foundation - Seminar Series Competition, 2018. which aims to support the generation of internationally excellent research in all areas of urban studies. the team aims to organize a series of seminars, to address women’s right to the city, especially in MENA Cities. These seminars will discuss women’s rights within different subjects & will address various domains that are a close relationship with women’s rights, and beyond the parameters of the Gender Inequality Index (GII). The discussions will look deep at the causes of the inferior percentage of the GII measurement index and will propose questions such as: are women’s rights respected within the design of the new cities? Are women’s rights taken into consideration while developing/ eradication of informal settlements? Is the female perspective regarded in public spaces? Do women have adequate transportation choices to help them actively engage in the labor market?


Funded Project
Start Date : 14 May 2016-14 May 2016
A collaborative workshop organized by researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Department of Urban Studies and planning, Cairo University’s Department of Architecture, and the America University in Cairo’s Center for Migration and Refugee Studies

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