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Noha Medhat Ahmed Ghatwary

Assistant Professor, Computer Engineering


Noha Ghatwary is an Assistant Professor in the Computer Engineering Department Arab Academy for Science and technology (AASTMT) since 2020. She obtained her P.hD. degree in Computer Science, University of Lincoln, Lincoln, UK. with thesis entitled (Automatic Esophageal Abnormality Detection and Classification). She obtained her M.Sc. degree from AASTMT, Alexandria in 2013 with thesis entitled (Adaptive video watermarking integrating a fuzzy wavelet-based human visual system perceptual model) and the her B.Sc. degree from AASTMT, Alexandria in 2009. Her research interests include medical image/video analysis, computer vision, machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence.



Doctorate - University of Lincoln - United Kingdom

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Computer Science


Master - College of Engineering & Technology - Egypt

Computer Engineering Department


Bachelor - College of Engineering & Technology - Egypt

Computer Engineering Department


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Computer Science


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Cum laude Poster Award

Cum laude Poster Award - Computer Aided Diagnosis - SPIE Medical Imaging Conference.

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CC413 - Numerical Analysis

2023 Fall Semester View All Content

CC212 - Applied Programming

2019 Fall Semester View All Content


Forge Engine

Graduation Project
Start Date : 01 Sep 2022-01 Jul 2023
The demand for customized visualization solutions tailored to specific industries is overgrowing in todays ever-evolving graphics and visuals. This project proposal aims to develop a specialized game engine from scratch, catering to niche industries such as architecture, visual production and scientific visualization. The primary objective is to create an intuitive and user-friendly engine that empowers non-technical personnel in these industries to design, develop, and deploy interactive experiences without extensive programming knowledge. By focusing on a specific niche, this game engine will offer tailored functionalities, tools, and workflows that align closely with the requirements and preferences of architectural and visual production professionals. By simplifying complex technical processes and integrating industry-specific features, the proposed engine will significantly reduce the barrier to entry for individuals without programming backgrounds, enabling them to unleash their creativity and bring their ideas to life efficiently. To achieve this goal, the project will employ cutting-edge technologies, leverage modern software development methodologies, and prioritize usability and accessibility. The engine will provide an intuitive visual interface that allows users to create and manipulate virtual worlds, import and customize 3D assets, define interactive elements, and integrate realistic physics simulations. The proposed engine will also facilitate real-time collaboration, empowering teams to work seamlessly on projects irrespective of geographical limitations. Additionally, the project will include extensive user testing and feedback collection from professionals in the architectural and visual production industries. This iterative approach will ensure that the engine features and functionalities align with their specific needs, further enhancing its usability and overall effectiveness. The resulting game engine will expedite the development process and foster innovation and experimentation within these industries, potentially revolutionizing how virtual experiences are designed and produced.

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