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Assistant Lecturer

Alaa Mohamed Attia Abdelsalam

Teaching Assistant


.Alaa’Attia teaching assistant of Supply Chain Management at Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport - College of International Transport and Logistics



Master - ’Molde University College -

Master degree Industrial Logsitics


Bachelor - AAST(International Transport and Logistics) -

BSc in Internatioanl Transport Management Supply Chain Management


work experience

academic experience


Fields of Interest

Decision Sciences

Business, Management and Accounting


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Professional Experience


Teaching Courses

Course Academic year Term

ELE112- ALA112 - Introduction to Information Systems

2023 Fall Semester View All Content

ELES424-ALAS424 - Supply Chain Systems

2023 Fall Semester View All Content

ELE221-ALA221 - Logistics Information Systems

2022 Fall Semester View All Content

EL433-AL433 - Management Information Systems

2020 Fall Semester View All Content

EL211+AL211 - Information Technology (II)

2019 Fall Semester View All Content

ELS414 - Reverse Logistics Management

2017 Fall Semester View All Content

EL216+AL216 - Operations Research

2016 Fall Semester View All Content


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Branch : AASTMT AbuKir Branch, Alexandria, Egypt

Office Phone :

Extension Number :

Fax :

Mobile : 01005707144

Email: Send Email

Location : AbuKir 05 05