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The Engineering and Technology Forum .

The Engineering and Technology Forum .

The forum focused on integrating interdisciplinary Engineering Knowledge and Technology to reach a “A Green Sustainable Future “

The forum included four insightful presentations that have been demonstrated by an elite group of specialized professors.

The presentations are titled :

1. Production of green hydrogen through a new concept of flowing electrolysis cell

Prof. Ibrahim Hassan- Professor and Head of Chemical and Petrochemical Engineering Department- College of Engineering and Technology , AASTMT

2. Assessing Potential Wind Energy Using a Large-Scale Engineering Model for Coastal Cities

Prof. Roberto Riveteria - Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Genoa, Italy

3. Reuse of breakwaters as extractors of wave energy on the Mediterranean coast

Dr. Yousef Khairy - Assistant Professor, Department of Construction Engineering - College of Engineering and Technology , AASTMT.

4. Green waste recycling ecosystem and carbon footprint monitoring to reduce emissions using IoT technologies

Prof. Dr. Sherine Youssef - Head of Computer Engineering Department Faculty of Engineering and Technology, AASTMT.

Eng. Hatem Hassan -Founder & CEO of EduSofx , UAE