Menatalla H Sayed Mohamed
Understanding the University Students' Behavior towards Mobile Viral Marketing: A Case Study & An application of the Theory of Planned Behavior”
ABSTRACT Background: Most of past studies conducted about Mobile Viral Marketing are concerned with the usefulness of Mobile Viral Marketing from the marketers’ perspective and little knowledge exists regarding the motivations, attitudes, and behaviors of consumers engaged in the new phenomena of Mobile Viral Marketing especially in the Egyptian context. This knowledge is valuable and should be unveiled to provide a guiding light for marketers and companies on how to properly formulate a successful Mobile Viral Marketing Campaign that will reach target segment. Purpose: To utilize Ajzen’s Theory of Planned Behavior to study university students’ actual mobile viral marketing behavior Research Methodology: In this study, a deductive approach was utilized in order to meet research objectives and a quantitative analysis was conducted through questionnaires to test hypothesis derived from Ajzen’s Theory of Planned Behavior. Questionnaire statements were retrieved from past studies that utilized the Theory of planned Behavior in the Mobile Viral Marketing context. In the order to ensure the quality and efficiency of the actual study, a pilot study was conducted to test out the research plan and tools used. Data was collected using questionnaires and convenience sampling was utilized to set out the criteria for choosing target respondents to take part in the study. Data retrieved from the study was analyzed using SPSS Version 24 and AMOS Version 24. Research Results: All the main predictor variables from Ajzen’s TPB (subjective norm, attitude and perceived behavioral control) were found to be positive predictors of behavioral intention and statically significant at varying strengths. Research Conclusion: The Theory of Planned Behavior shed light on what variables were most influential in predicating and understanding university students’ mobile viral marketing behavior. Keywords: Mobile Viral Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Theory of Planned Behavior, Mobile Viral Marketing Campaign, Subjective Norm, Attitude, Perceived Behavioral Control, Behavioral Intention