Samira M Abdelmegid , MS.



  • 1-Financial administration responsibilities:
    •Preparing and typing payrolls and banking transformations (employees of Alexandria and Cairo branch)
    •All banking transformation regarding the college affairs
    •Typing Memos and mailings concerning the financial administration
    •Preparing and typing financial and budget reports quarterly in March,june , September and December.
    •Preparing managerial memorandums and decrees regarding educational fees and discounts.
    •Preparing the lecturers and professors's fees(all the educational programs including MBA English/MBA Arabic/MPA … and every Term ) and reviewing the timetabling
    •Managing the financial advance dedicated to the college affairs (receive, follow-up, prepare reports, review receipts and invoices ).

    2-Managerial administration responsibilities:
    •Receiving, reviewing before the dean accreditation and filing final tests results for all programs.
    •Reviewing and checking , printing and distributing electronic mail of the college , daily and along the work day
    •Typing and filing the external agreements between the college and external institutions.
    •Graduation ceremonies:
    Preparing all memos and mailings concerning graduation ceremonies for all programs.
    Preparing the invitation sample
    Preparing memos and reports for all materials and accessories to satisfy the ceremonies requirements.

    •Preparing Memos to mandate of lecturers and professors from Universities.

    •Data entry of employees's leaves to the Academy electronic system.

    •Prepare recruitment memos and annual leaves and mailing it to HR department

    3-College affairs:
    •Preparing and typing the college annual report , the analytical and performance report, the plan of the college .
    •Preparing Memos to satisfy the college materials and miscellaneous requirements.

    Perform and accomplish tasks assigned according to work requirements.


  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) - April 2004

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